Gouda, Edam and Leyden - How to prepare an exceptional Dutch cheeses board!

Tábua de Queijos Holandeses (Gouda, Edam e Leyden) com compotas meia.dúzia

With an antique tradition, Holland is one of the most famous cheese producers. Through artisan methods and an excellent standard of quality, Dutch cheeses have become highly appreciated throughout the world. They are easily found in a cheese board and are an alternative option for a moment of relaxation between a group of friends or family.

To set up a fine dining table, whether for whatever type of event, a cheese board with nuts, jams and wines is always a pleasant option.

As a form of appetizer or after the main course, a harmonization of Dutch cheeses with meia.dúzia® Portuguese jams is an exceptional flavours experience that we recommend. Know the best Dutch cheeses and how to harmonize them:

Tábua de queijo holandês com compota artesanal de mirtilo meia.dúzia

Gouda cheese – PGI

GGouda is a yellow cheese made from cow's milk. It receives the name of the city of Gouda, in the Netherlands and is the most produced cheese in the country. It has a rich flavor, subtle sweetness and brittle texture found only in the best of aged cheeses. Its color is deep amber and burnt orange, and its flavor is an incredible combination of sweet caramel with a pinch of saltiness. It is an excellent substitute for Grana Padano for grating and will caramelize perfectly on your favorite recipes.

It is a cheese very appreciated in fondues and harmonizes deliciously in a board with the Blueberry Extra Jam with Vanilla and Port Wine.

Edam cheese – PGI

The name Edam arose because the cheese was made in and around the port city with the same name and exported through that port. In 2010, the EU granted the status of PGI to the term "Edam Holland". It is a semi-hard, light-yellow Dutch cheese with a slightly spicy and slightly salty taste. Traditionally, the cheese is made into a ball shape, but can also identify it in flat rounds.

Melts well when hot and the older cheeses can be grated. Easy to cut is served and tasted ideally with Persimmon and Orange Extra Jam with Walnuts and ‘Douro’ Muscatel.

Leyden cheese – PGI

Leyden is firm, is a traditional spicy Dutch cheese made with caraway and cumin seeds. It is produced both in factories and traditionally in the historic area of Leiden. Made from cow's milk, it is very similar to Gouda in shape, but the addition of cumin seeds gives the cheese a distinctive, dry and spicy taste, very different from other Dutch cheeses.

The Leyden is a perfect complement to a cheese board, where it can be harmonized with Pumpkin and Orange Jam with Rosemary and Eucalyptus Honey, Cinnamon and Port Wine.

Complements for a Dutch cheese board

Among Portuguese cheeses and jams we still find room to enrich this unique flavours experience. Prosciutto Ham is an option and they combine very well with the most special cheeses, in addition to its flavour serve as an important complement to the other snacks on the board.

Dried fruits such as almonds, cashew nuts, or raisins harmonize well with other items on the board, as well as helping to clean the palate between one cheese and another.

As well as being interesting decorative pieces, the Grapes are soft and lightly citric, the perfect counterweight for your taste buds that will test various types of cheese.

PTo accompany these cheeses, Syrah or Cabernet Sauvignon wines are the ideal choice. Beer is also an excellent companion, especially Belgian Pale Ale, which is different from the regional varieties because they are traditionally less bitter and delicately finished while increasing the sweet and toasty tones of the malt.

At meia.dúzia® we always try to offer the best experiences of original flavours and moments. A good Dutch cheese deserves a delicious Portuguese jam to complete it in the best way. In this way, we have created a Pack 3 Doces – Ideal para Queijos Holandeses, with our suggestion of ideal flavours!

PACK 3 Flavors Ideal for Dutch Cheeses

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