Cria o teu cabaz de sabores Cria o teu cabaz de sabores

Corporate Gifts

Whether to express gratitude to dedicated employees, strengthen ties with strategic partners or delight valued customers, our collection of corporate gifts with the best Flavors of Portugal is an authentic celebration of the gastronomic and cultural richness of this magnificent country.

Each carefully selected item is handcrafted and reflects the authenticity and pride of Portuguese traditions. Explore the culinary richness of different regions of Portugal, from the Douro wine region to the orange trees of the Algarve, our collection offers a sensorial journey through the unique flavors of each region of Portugal. With superior quality artisanal products, from internationally awarded cheeses, wines and fruit jams. Surprise your senses with a selection of exclusive flavors that transform any occasion into a memorable experience.

We offer the flexibility to personalize each gift according to your company's preferences, ensuring that each recipient feels the uniqueness and attention behind the gesture. By choosing the meio.dúzia® corporate gift collection, you are not only offering a gift, but also sharing a part of Portugal's rich heritage and culture. Celebrate your business relationships in a unique and meaningful way with the best that Portugal has to offer.