1 star in "Superior Taste Award"

1 estrela no "Superior Taste Award"

meia.dúzia® competed for the 1st time and proudly received a 1 star in the "Superior Taste Award" by the International Taste & Quality Institute! The “Superior Taste Award” is the only seal of quality in flavor, issued by opinion leaders who are Michelin-starred Chefs and Sommeliers.

We are truly honored with these results of the evaluation of the product Rainha Cláudia Plum Extra Jam with Lemon Thyme. It is a motivation for us to continue to develop our products with passion and a reason for strength to improve and go further and further.

The prizes:

  • 3 stars Outstanding - scored above 90%
  • 2 stars Excellent - rated between 80% and 90%
  • 1 stars Good - rated between 70% and 80%

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