6 gift ideas for Father's Day

Descubra 10 Ideias de Prendas para o Dia do Pai

Father's Day is approaching, this very special date will be celebrated on March 19th.

This day dates back to 4,000 years ago, a story with origins in Babylon tells that a young man named Elmesu, would have molded in clay the first card to offer his father, where he wished luck, health and long life. And that's how the first Father's Day gift was delivered.

Like Elmesu's father, yours also deserves to be gifted with something handmade and original.

After a period in which we were forced to distance ourselves from the ones we love the most, this is the perfect day to gift our father figure with what he values ​​most: our company and affection. But, of course, such a special person also deserves a gift to remember.

To make Father's Day 2022 unforgettable, we suggest reversing roles. When it was once the father who offered us treats and sweets, now we offer him traditional sweets.

A gift that will remind you of the flavors of childhood, perfect to share with the ones we love the most, and that allows us to create new memories for the future, because the best gift is to be present.

To surprise this figure who is always there to celebrate our victories with us and to give us strength when we need it most, we suggest offering gastronomic experiences that will not leave anyone indifferent.

Here are meia.dúzia's original gift ideas for the best dad in the world, yours!

1-PACK 3 MIX - Father's Day - € 13,90

If your father is typical Portuguese, knows all the towns, villages and cities, knows all the restaurants where the most traditional Portuguese delicacies are eaten, offer him a pack of 100% Portuguese flavors that travels through our country of north to south.

Starting in the north with the muscatel do douro, moving to the center with the traditional cherry from the fundão and the Rocha do Oeste pear, reaching the south of Portugal with the tasty orange from the Algarve.

A true journey of 100% Portuguese flavors that you can find in this Pack.

Includes two jams, a Rocha Pear with Douro Moscatel, Fundão Cherry with Brandy, and a São Tomé Dark Chocolate with Algarve Orange. The flavors are surprising, exquisite and original, the ingredients used are familiar to all Portuguese and represent the best our country has to offer.

100% Portuguese products, ideas to accompany your father during breakfast, as they can be used in fillings for cookies and crackers. Whether your dad likes oatmeal cookies, coconut cookies, cashew cookies, chocolate chip cookies, vegan cookies, or even if you prefer to start your day with cereal bread or wholegrain toast, these sweets are a perfect match.

They can also be used for desserts or snacks, as they are ideal for fillings and toppings for ice cream, crepes or scones. It goes perfectly with tea, cappuccino or coffee.

Surprise your dad with something 100% Portuguese.

PACK 3 (2 Jams + Chocolate) - Father's Day includes the following flavors:

  • Rocha Pear Extra Jam with Douro Moscatel
  • Fundão Cherry Extra Jam with Brandy
  • São Tomé Dark Chocolate with Orange (Algarve)

2-Gastronomic Box n.3 - Cow Cheese + Blueberry Jam - Father's Day- € 14,90

Is your father passionate about cheese and can't resist a sweet treat? If so, he is sure to love this flavor combination!

This proposal combines a cow's cheese, with a shorter curing time - with a softer texture and sweeter flavor - with a blueberry jam with lemon balm, which brings some contrast due to the acidity of this red fruit.


A perfect meeting of flavors for lovers of these cheeses with such a characteristic flavor!

A special box for Father's Day, which combines jam with cheese, a gastronomic classic that all lovers of this delicacy appreciate.

The candy included is in a family format, perfect for sharing and making this Father's Day an experience of socializing with the ones you love the most.

This special Father's Day Food Box contains the following 100% Portuguese products:

  • Blueberry Jam with Lemon Balm 200g
  • 190g Cured Goat Cheese

3-PACK 6 MIX - Father's Day- € 29,90

For those parents who love Portuguese cuisine, we suggest a versatile pack with 6 distinct and 100% Portuguese flavors.

It includes fruit jams, black olive paste from the douro, a liqueur and even an aromatic tea. The flavors are exquisite, varied and surprising, and will please the whole family.

Give your father a pack of experiences that will accompany him throughout the day.

PACK 6 MIX - Father's Day includes the following flavors:

  • Banana Extra Jam and Clementine with Rum
  • Persimmon and Orange Jam with walnut and Moscatel do Douro
  • Cherry Extra Jam with Brandy
  • Negrinha do Douro Olive Paste
  • Fig Tree Liqueur
  • Mixture of teas with wild berries and cornflower petals

4-Box Chef Father's Day + DAD CHEF print apron + Recipe book- € 39,90

For parents who love to cook and are the head chef at home, we suggest offering a family night out with a special dinner.

If your family is in the North of the country, visit the Experimental Kitchen of Praça in Famalicão, where chef Álvaro Costa will provide you with a gourmet experience that will stay in your memory!

And to add to this experience a gift that will serve as a souvenir, also offer a box chef Father's Day, created by the same chef, which includes various fruit jams, chutneys, black olive paste from the douro, an apron and, , a cookbook.

In the book, your father will be able to discover exclusive recipes by chef Álvaro Costa, a young Portuguese chef who has managed Michelin-starred kitchens in several European capitals, such as Milan and Paris, and who joined a half.dozen to create recipes innovative and surprising.

You can discover 16 exclusive recipes, such as Chicken satay kebab with red pepper chutney, white fish ceviche with mango chutney, goat cheese and chard toast or pancakes with cream cheese and honey.

Encourage your father's favorite hobby, and let him surprise everyone at home with the culinary delights that this box will inspire you to prepare.

Includes the following products:

  • Blueberry Extra Jam with Lemon Balm
  • Banana and Clementine Extra Jam with Cinnamon
  • Strawberry Extra Jam with Mint
  • Red Pepper Chutney
  • Negrinha do Douro Olive Paste
  • Mango Chutney
  • DAD CHEF print apron
  • Recipe Book

5-Gourmet Hamper - Special for Dad - Gastronomic Experience 2- € 37,50

For those passionate about the art of good eating, we suggest offering a gastronomic experience that includes some of the best Portuguese flavors!

This basket includes fruit jams, black olive paste from the douro, poppy crackers, cow cheese, Great Taste goat cheese and red wine to go with it, as well as a wooden board in Portuguese pine with engraving.


It is a complete basket that offers a family tasting experience that appeals to the senses and perfectly blends innovation, tradition, refinement and gastronomic excellence.

Papa Figos wine is internationally recognized for the various awards it achieved at the International Wine Challenge (IWC) with the 2017 harvest, including the Gold Medal, the Portuguese Red Trophy and the Great Value Red Award.

This basket includes the Papa Figos Wine Harvest 2019, which maintains the characteristic quality of this winery. It has a deep ruby ​​color, intense aroma and notes of heather, red fruits and floral aromas.

Surprise with a complete and tasty proposal.

Dining Experience Includes PACK 3 Father's Day includes the following flavors:

  • Pumpkin and Orange Jam with Rosemary Honey and Eucalyptus with Port Wine
  • Pasta Negrinha do Douro
  • São Tomé Dark Chocolate with Orange (Algarve)
  • Poppy Crackers- 125g
  • Dom Villas Cow Cheese-190 g

6-Luxury Gourmet Hamper - Special for Dad- € 70,00

Does your father value socializing and family unity more than any gift? Surprise him with the most complete offer this Father's Day! You can even join your siblings to offer this basket together, which you can then share during a get-together.

An exquisite dining experience, perfect for sharing with family and friends.

Includes 4 fruit jams, white chocolate cream with Algarve orange, Yuzu and Iyokan, Extra Virgin Olive Oil with Chili, Negrinha do Douro Olive Paste, cow cheese and mixed cheese, ham, Ondina Mar crackers and Cases 7 leaves, both from Diplomata, a papa figs red wine harvest 2019, a Port wine Tawny engravings and a wooden board in Portuguese pine with engraving.

With such a complete and exquisite basket, Father's Day 2022 is sure to be unforgettable.

The ideal gift for families who love to socialize and share.

Gourmet Luxury Basket includes:

  • Papa Figos Red Wine
  • Port Wine Tawny Engravings
  • White Chocolate Cream with Algarve Orange, Yuzu & Iyokan
  • Extra Virgin Olive Oil with Chillies
  • Black Olive Paste
  • Blueberry Jam with Melissa
  • Mixed Cheese- 190g
  • Gastronomic Box
  • Pack3: Father's Day with flavors:
  • Bravo Esmolfe Apple Extra Jam with Cinnamon
  • Fig and Orange with Port Wine
  • Cherry Extra Jam with Brandy
  • Cow's Cheese 190g
  • Porminho Reserve Ham
  • Ondina Mar Crackers
  • Crackers 7 sheets-125g
  • Engraved board

Surprise your father with 100% Portuguese, exquisite and original gifts, because the best father in the world deserves the best we have.

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  • Que agradável surpresa foi ter encontrado a “Meia Duzia”! Estava no Google à procura de um serviço de cestas gourmet para o Dia do Pai e, por acaso , descobri-vos !
    Todo o processo : escolha no site , chat com o apoio ao cliente , serviço de entrega e , o mais importante , o produto em si … não posso recomendar mais esta empresa !
    Que serviço de qualidade !! Muito obrigada por facilitarem a tarefa a quem está longe fisicamente , mas há dias em que quer estar mais perto ♥️

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