Jams in tube for sale at E.Leclerc in Famalicão

Compotas em bisnaga à venda no E.Leclerc de Famalicão

Buying products from Famalicão brands such as the meia.dúzia, in Famalicão is now an easier task. Result of a campaign promoted by the Made IN Famalicão, in the next two weeks, the half.dozen and about 30 producers from Famalicão with the seal “Made IN Famalicão – Product that is Ours” will sell their products in the supermarket E. Leclerc in Famalicão, with the aim of valuing and promoting producers and local entrepreneurs.

This is a great opportunity for all Famalicenses to be able, in a massive and expressive way, to value the local products, buying products with the Made IN Famalicão seal in large supermarkets, at E. Leclerc de Famalicão until 24 August, at Intermarché, from 3 to 16 September and for Supermercado Bandeirinha, from 17 to 30 September.

Why buy local products from Famalicão in supermarkets?

Many Famalicenses, as consumers and customers of these large supermarkets, have already thought and questioned why the local products are not on sale in these places where they usually shop. The reasons are several, but the main ones, are common to all of us, among them:

  • low brand awareness among multinational buyers and purchasing centers;
  • lack of recognition and appreciation of local brands by consumers;
  • lack of brand resources for massive marketing campaigns;

This Made IN Famalicão project is very important for all of us local producers in Vila Nova de Famalicão, together, it allows to make known the best products that are produced in Famalicão with the large supermarkets, but they will not have the expected result for them if all of us as consumers do not value what is ours!

And how do we value what is ours? Buying products the local products! For that reason it is very important in the coming weeks, all of us Famalicans do our part as consumers, buying products Famalicão, thus contributing to help local companies overcome the global crisis resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic, thus helping to maintain and create local jobs.

Consuming local products is responsible for some of these reasons:

  • we are consuming quality Famalicenses products at an affordable price at home and with family;
  • we will be able to buy these products regularly, in the places where we usually shop;
  • we are helping local companies to remain in the market at this time of crisis;
  • we will contribute to the maintenance and creation of jobs in the county;

Discover the reasons why meia.dúzia products, a Famalicense brand, are internationally recognized for their quality and won several flavor awards in the UK, Spain, Belgium, Germany:

  • we use local and quality raw materials (Fruits, vegetables and olives);
  • our production process is artisanal and in small quantities;
  • we do not use additives or preservatives in production;
  • are preserved in a 100% recyclable and environmentally friendly tube;
  • the tubes are practical and more hygienic and reduce waste.

Discover now the flavors of the family range of the meia.dúzia for sale at E.Leclerc in Famalicão

In 2020, meia.dúzia launched the new family range of jams, pastes and sauces in tubes on the national market in a familiar format, which will be available in large supermarkets. One size for the whole family at a very affordable price. more accessible, to respond to the decrease in the purchasing power of local consumers.

The flavors available at E.Leclerc de Famalicão are:

Jams - 200 G tubes - Family size

Sauces - 200 G tubes - Family size

Compotas em bisnaga meia.dúzia no Supermercado Bandeirinha de Famalicão!

Pasta de azeitona ¬ Bisnagas de 180 G – Tamanho familiar

Tips and recipes for the whole family:

Now that you know our family range, you will want to know some of our suggestions and recipes for use our products in an original way, in special moments, at home and with all your family and friends!

Suggestions for breakfast:

  • To spread the bread or a croissant, all the sweets from the family range meia.dúzia ;
  • With natural yoghurt, in particular the strawberry jams with mint, raspberry and blackberry, blueberry with melissa;

As an aperitif for lunch, snack or dinner:

  • "Negrinha do Douro" or "Galega" olive paste toasts”
  • Cheese board - use the Bravo de Esmolfe Apple Jam with Cinnamon or Pumpkin and Orange jam with honey, cinnamon and Almond with a buttery cured cheese - Senras Cheese.
  • Cured Goat Chevre Cheese Toast with Bravo de Esmolfe Apple Jam with Cinnamon – Discover the Recipe
  • Black Pork Ham Toast with Red Pepper and Chive Chutney – Discover the Recipe
  • Smoked Salmon Toast with Avocado and Mango Chutney and Parsley – Discover the Recipe

at lunch and dinner

  • Fresh goat cheese salad with "Negrinha do Douro" or "Galega" olive paste, bread and beetroot 
  • Chicken Salad with Mango Chutney - Discover the Recipe
  • Mertolenga DOP double beef hamburger, cottage cheese and red pepper sauce meia.dúzia


  • Original Quark Cheese Cheesecake with 4 Toppings - Blueberry Extra Jam with Melissa | Strawberry with Mint | Raspberry and Blackberry | Blueberry with Melissa – Discover the Recipe
  • Madeira Banana and Clementine Extra Jam with Cinnamon Cupcake

Now that we have all the reasons to buy local products, enjoy until the 29th of July to consume local because it is a responsible attitude.


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