meia.dúzia® Brunch – Portuguese experience in Porto

meia.dúzia® Brunch & Petiscos Portugueses na baixa do Porto

The famous experiences of Portuguese Flavours in tubes was inspired by the world of painting. Already a success amongst our locals and foreign tourists, meia.dúzia® is proud to boast a unique International Award Winner concept that cannot be compared to any other and this can be seen by the vast amount of Portuguese and international tourists of all nationalities who visit the city of Porto.

Everybody wants to remember everywhere they go and what better way to remember the city of Porto then your own handpicked special souvenir gift pack that resembles Portuguese origin. As a tourist, you can pick your unique and genuine flavours of Portugal in either a pack of 3 which consists of three different flavours or our Travel Kit which has 6 different flavours each with its own experience. These just happen to be the best and most sought-after gift packs you can find in our store.

From this month, meia.dúzia® promises to bring to you one of the most original Brunch menu which will be accompanied by internationally awarded flavours created for this summer and they will be Portuguese themed right in the heart of Porto.

With a variety of tastes, flavours and a combination of aromatic herbs, Portuguese spices and not forgetting Port Wine, as a tourist you will experience the true flavours of Portugal.

meia.dúzia® is proud to announce a new member to their team, Chef Iggy who is our resident Chef in our store in Porto.

He comes all the way from South Africa with his passion for cooking and the love for the kitchen. None of this is possible without a great team and meia.dúzia® not only offers authentic homemade Portuguese jams but makes you feel at home. We have reinvented the menu for this summer. Just to list some of the items, we have Scramble Eggs with Spinach in a Bolo do Caco accompanied by a paste of cottage cheese and our own home-made jam Pumpkin and Orange with Port wine, which is a Portuguese type of bread commonly used for breakfast, for 9€. Presunto Ham Salad with our Red Pepper Chutney for 9€. On the menu you can also treat yourself to a variety of Tapas such as Goat Cheese and Avocado Tapa for 2,50€ or Tuna with Onion and a Green olive Paste also for 2,50€. These are some of the new addictions to our menu. For those sweet lovers we have Chocolate Pancakes with Dark Chocolate Spread from S. Tomé with Blueberries for 4,5€.

We also have a classic Portuguese breakfast which allows you to taste our jams in their original state straight from the tube. We also have salads on ofer specially created to be paired with its own jam giving a unique flavour and various combinations. We cannot forget our famous toasts, Sardine Toast which cost 5,90€. This specific toast has proved itself amongst our tourist as being regarded as one of the best.

Located in the heart of downtown Porto, 171 Rua das Flores, is a space where you can inspire or be inspired through the regions of Portugal with the various flavours we have to offer.

We now have set up outside allowing tourist and locals the chance to experience this one in a lifetime Portuguese culture in a space well known for its traditional commerce trade. You haven’t visited Porto if you haven’t been to Rua das Flores nor have you tasted magic if haven’t been to meia.dúzia®.

Contacts meia.dúzia® RESERVATIONS

Adress: Rua das Flores, 171, Porto

Schedule Breakfast: 10h-12h |Brunch: 11h-15h |Tapas: 18h-22h

RESERVATIONS : Phone - 222 031 064 E-mail :

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