meia.dúzia® in a publication at the digital magazine Escape

A meia.dúzia® numa publicação na revista digital Escape

From inside a tube come out unique flavors ready to surprise the palate. Jams in tubes are one of several products produced by meio.dúzia, a Portuguese brand committed to innovating in terms of ingredients, flavors and packaging.

The objective is to provide unique flavor experiences and value Portuguese products. Jams, honey, liqueurs, herbs, pastes and sauces are served in original packaging, such as aluminum tubes inspired by paint tubes, from which the jams come out. In addition to aesthetics, these tubes are also functional: with them there are no spoons or knives to spread, the sweets are not exposed to the air after opening, and the fruit does not oxidize in the light, keeping the colors strong and vivid.

Intense colors and flavors

Rocha Pear with Douro Moscatel, Blueberry with Melissa, Orange with Madeira Wine, Rocha Pear with Redcurrant and Pink Pepper, Blackberry and Lavender, Blackberry with Hazelnut and Nutmeg are just some of the many surprising combinations of ingredients that come out of these creative tubes.

Other examples of intense flavors include the Pumpkin and Orange variants with Honey, Cinnamon and Almond; Blackberry with Hazelnut and Nutmeg; Persimmon and Orange Moscatel from Douro and Nut; Kiwi with Vanilla; Strawberry and Raspberry with Mint, among many others.

But meia.dúzia lives not only on jams. Teas are also part of its portfolio and also combine intense aromas in which green tea with citrus fruit or mint and roses, black teas with red fruits, orchids and spices, pieces of chocolate, almonds and peppermint stand out.

On sale in several gourmet stores throughout the country, the meia.dúzia has its own store at Fábrica ASA, in Guimarães, and its products can also be purchased at online stores such as Wine Spiritus.

Find out more on the meio.dúzia Facebook page or on the website.

by Ana Fonseca, Escape.

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