meia.dúzia® in Visão 7

A meia.dúzia® na Visão 7

Are you shuffled? Don't know what this is? Well, they are jams in a tube, an original and delicious idea that has just hit the market. The company that sells them is called meia.dúzia Portuguese Flavours Experiences and is formed by two siblings and partners Jorge Ferreira Silva, 37 years old, and his sister Andreia Ferreira Silva, 24 years old, recently graduated in Food Engineering. The project arose from an idea that Jorge had when “looking at his paint tubes with a different perspective”, which he uses to paint. It was developed throughout 2012, culminating on the 1st of December with the launch of the brand in Guimarães, at ASA Factory, which also houses the official store by meia.dúzia in the 25th Project included therein. The market responded well to the originality of the product and the quality of the jams – produced at Quinta Nova in Outiz, in Braga – from Christmas sales the two best-selling flavors have already come out, Rocha P?ear with Douro Moscatel and Bravo de Esmolfe Apple with Cinnamon. But this new tasting concept is available in 24 flavours, where you can find for example Rocha Pear and Redcurrant with Melissa and Pink Pepper, Kiwi with Vanilla and Blackberry with Hazelnut and Nutmeg. They can be purchased individually or in a pack of six tubes, half a dozen that can be chosen according to taste. And so, the question is to Spread or to Tube?

by Susana Lopes Faustino, Visão Magazine.

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