meia.dúzia® news in Gazeta del Packaging

Noticias da meia.dúzia® na Gazeta del Packaging

meia.dúzia® was featured in the Gazeta del Packaging, “meia.dúzia”, a Palette of Exquisite Portuguese Flavours.

"meia.dúzia - Portugueses Flavours Experiences, is a magnificent surprise. Traditional Portuguese ingredients that create unique and unexpected flavors with a modern touch, supported by an innovative packaging.

The packaging inspired by the world of painting transports us to an artistic experience of exquisite flavors and nuances. The metal packaging protects the product from light and exposure to air, as its design prevents contact with the outside after opening.

Thus, the fruit is not oxidized and retains its original color and flavor. Its transport and ease of use are very attractive as it can be consumed anywhere. You don't even need a knife or a spoon to enjoy its delicious flavors." by Gazeta del Packaging

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