Publication about meia.dúzia® in Time Out Porto (May)

Publicação sobre a meia.dúzia® na Time Out Porto do mês de Maio

They look like tubes of paint but they are very Portuguese jams presented inside tubes. So you can use metal spoons at will without fear of oxidizing the sweets and so you don't have to use a special wooden spoon for each jam. In this case, just squeeze the tube and serve in the shape and quantity you want. The meia.dúzia jams are a project by Famalicão and it is at Quinta Nova in Outiz that they are made according to the artisanal method. In the flavors palette they have everything but the usual classic options. That is, flavors such as Orange with Madeira Wine, Rocha Pear and Redcurrant with Melissa and Lemon, Rocha Pear with Douro Moscatel, Fig with Orange and Port Wine, and other combinations of the kind. In total, there are two dozen options all made with Portuguese products, such as Port Wine, Madeira Wine, Bravo de Esmolfe Apple, Rocha Pear PDO. by Time Out Porto

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