Environmental awareness starts with us. Did you know you can recycle our tubes?

Consciência ambiental começa em nós. Sabia que pode reciclar as nossas bisnagas?

Ecology is a thought that has always been present in the production of our flavours experiences and in the management of the daily activities of meia.dúzia®. With the evolution of the times we perceive the importance of a sustainable mentality, in this way our products were idealized based on these values. From the raw material, handmade production method, packaging to your hands, the environmental impact is reduced. Now you can recycle our tubes and give them a new life.

Our jams in tubes are distinguished from the others, not only by the appealing design of the packaging but also by its content. The fruits, some of them classified as PDO or PGI, originate from local producers who grow them on the basis of organic farming, such as the Blueberries, the Blackberries, the Passion fruit and even aromatic herbs. This type of agriculture not only attributes higher quality to fruits but also reduces the environmental impact.

Our artisanal production method allows us to control our productions in the best way and reach our quality standards. Human labor beyond the sensitivity attributes a special touch to each product, reduces the level of industrialization and consequently the use of energy sources such as electric and fossil. The resulting organic waste from the raw materials is accumulated and reused again for agriculture. Thus, in addition to socio-economic advantages (increased employability) our production is based on more traditional and ecological methods.

When we get to the packaging the case is no different. Although doubts are regularly raised and questioned by our customers, the truth is that all the elements in our packaging are recyclable. The carton pack that envelops the tube can be deposited in the blue bin and is completely recyclable, as well as the plastic closure that closes the tube that can be deposited in the yellow bin.

And the aluminum tube?

Although not as reusable as ordinary glass jars, they can be recycled and have a new life. Did you know that aluminum can be recycled endlessly without losing its quality? The process sums up to melting the metal, which is much less expensive and spends 95% less energy than producing from the source. According to some sources, recycling a single aluminum can save the energy needed to keep a TV on for 3 hours. Other advantages are also the help in the composition of urban waste, the decrease in the amount of waste in the landfills, the reduction of the consumption of electric energy and the collaboration for the growth of an ecological conscience.

meia.dúzia® is proud to support these values. From organic farming, energy-efficient production, reuse of materials in the logistics tasks to recyclable packaging, our mission is to respect the principles of ecology and sustainable development.

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