How to taste Fresh Cheese and its benefits!

Tábua de queijos frescos com Compota de Amora com Avelã e Noz-Moscada meia.dúzia

Fresh Cheese for its versatility in Mediterranean cuisine and for its health benefits, has become one of the most popular cheeses in Portugal.

Recommended by several nutrition experts, its consumption has grown tremendously in recent times, especially among the sports community.

Being associated with a healthier lifestyle is just one of its benefits, it is also delicious accompanied by seeds, dry fruits, fruit jams or chocolate spreads by meia.dúzia®.

Several countries produce Fresh Cheese, such as Portugal, Italy and France, which produce cheeses that have become world famous, some of them Protected Designation of Origin. Get to know some of them::

Beira Baixa' Cottage Cheese – PDO

Beira Baixa' Cottage Cheese PDO to taste with Blackberry, Hazelnut and Nutmeg jam by meia.dúzia

The geographical area of production of "Requeijão da Beira Baixa" covers the municipalities of the district of Castelo Branco and part of the municipalities of Santarém. Fresh, unfermented product obtained from precipitation or coagulation by the heat of the lactalbumin and lacto-globulin in the whey resulting from the manufacture of the cheese. It has a soft consistency, well bonded and grainy texture, sliced, smooth to cut and white in color. It features sweet taste and nice bouquet, fusing the dough easily into the mouth.

A Portuguese cheese of superior quality deserves a special tasting experience and as Lígia Santos - 1st Masterchef Portugal suggests, the ideal is to harmonize with Blackberry Extra Jam with Hazelnut and Nutmeg and fresh blackberries.

Buffalo Mozzarella – PDO

Originally this cheese is made only with buffalo milk, however, versions with cow's milk are already available today, although they do not benefit from the DOP label. Mozzarella is a cream cheese with elastic and fibrous quality. Since always its pleasant taste to fresh milk and its softness make it an essential ingredient, especially in salads.

Whether it's the Caprese Salad (the traditional tomato and Mozzarella salad) or other recipes, such as pies, cakes, omelets, pizzas, among others. Mozzarella full of flavours, that accentuate many, inspires you to create simple and creative Italian dishes.

At meia.dúzia® we like to pair it with fruit jams, our favourites are Pumpkin and Orange Jam with Rosemary and Eucalyptus Honey, Cinnamon and Almond or Raspberry and Redcurrant Extra Jam with Verbena.

Gournay Cheese

Although it is enjoyed in more than 30 countries, it still enjoys its highest popularity in France, especially due to the Boursin brand that spread it. It is a whitish or yellowish cow's milk cheese with a soft and creamy texture.

The original was buttery and sweet in taste, but is now produced in several savory flavors, all designed to add, but not distort, the cheese's natural flavor.

The inspiration was a traditional French dish of simple fresh cheese served with chopped herbs that the guests could mix if they wanted. It is available in five flavours: garlic and fine herbs, pepper, shallots, light garlic and fine herbs, and garlic and roasted red pepper.

It is wonderful for any type of gathering or simply as a snack, where you can always taste the Blueberry Extra Jam with Vanilla and Port Wine for a richer experience.

Cheese board with artisanal jams by meia.dúzia

Fresh Cheese Benefits

Whether for a healthy lifestyle or a more balanced diet, fresh cheese is a source of important nutrients for both children and adults. Know some benefits::

  • Rich in calcium and phosphorus, which helps the formation of bones, nails and teeth. Zinc source that promotes hormonal balance, ideal for eating throughout the day and especially a light meal before bed;
  • Low fat and calories, being essential in weight loss plans and balanced diets;
  • In the case of sportsmen, fresh cheese is a food that must be included in their nutritional plan, because the slow absorption proteins allow the body to recover from physical effort more easily.

The Fresh Cheese is undoubtedly very versatile in its use, and can be applied in the most varied recipes without losing the nutritional qualities. However, being healthy does not mean that it is not appealing, quite the contrary, in the meia.dúzia® we have created a PACK 3 Flavours Ideal for Fresh Cheese that will turn the moments in a more appealing flavour experiences.

PACK 3 Flavours Ideal for Fresh Cheese

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