Original gifts for Easter at home - how to keep the tradition and surprise your godparents

Como manter a tradição esta Páscoa e surpreender a madrinha e padrinho em casa?

The world has stopped; habits and routines have changed...

As we all know, Easter is right here, and this year we will all have a very different Easter, far from our families and traditions.

It will be a more touching Easter, in which we are closer than ever even though far and separated from those we like the most, more sensitive to those around us and more importantly, to those around us who have so often gone unnoticed. Now we have a great opportunity to reinvent ourselves as humans on a daily basis, as well as reinvent the gifts we give. This is the perfect time for new culinary experiences and family moments.

Easter is a time for offers for godmothers and godfathers and we are going to present some suggestions for useful and very original gifts.

Meia.dúzia® products are 100% Portuguese, we use fruits from various regions of the country and combine them with the best wines and spices, the products are also 100% Portuguese origin, environmentally friendly as the tubes are recyclable.

Gifts for Godmother - a pack of 6 flavors of honey

How about offering a pack of honey for your godmother? So unique and memorable, in which you can choose the flavors that your godmother likes most and that will allow her to sweeten tea, match a salad or even a good cheese. The suggestions are endless and the taste is simply unforgettable. You can see the available flavors here, and we leave you a tip: our multifloral honey is great for sweetening tea while the orange blossom honey with chilli peppers reaches its peak with a good cheese or a salad, giving a warm touch to yours experiences, and the honey from Serra de Lousã with ginger s ideal to strengthen the body!

Gifts for the Godfather - Pack of 3 Olive Oils

For the godfather we have a perfect suggestion - a pack of 3 olive oils for tasting. We use the best extra virgin olive oil and make it unique by adding spices: to be precise, 3 different peppers. The pack 3 Portuguese Olive Oils includes Extra Virgin Olive Oil with Green Pepper, Extra Virgin Olive Oil with Black Pepper and Extra Virgin Olive Oil with Chilli. They can also go well with salads giving them a special touch of spices or even with pasta turning it even more delicious.

Gifts for godmother and godfather or the whole family - Easter Hamper

We can also go further and offer a gift for both or even the one for the whole family that will help to sweeten even more this festive season. The hamper of meia.dúzia® Sabores de Portugal contains delicious diplomatabiscuit, a pack of 3 flavors, a selection of oils, one of our flavored teas, a cheese board and a bottle of wine. The pack of 3 flavors consists of a black olive paste from Douro valley, ideal for making small appetizers with toast and some cheese, of a São Tomé dark chocolate with strawberry and chilli peppers to spice up red meat or to decorate cakes or crepes, and of an extra jam of fig and orange, ideal to pair with cheese or for decorating cakes. This pack can be customized, according to the flavors we have available for sale on our website.

Gifts for the godmother and the godfather or for the family - Pack of 6 flavors meia.dúzia® of your choice

This pack can be composed of the favorite flavors of each family member. It includes six different flavors, which can be savory pastes, fruit jams, honey, flavored teas, olive oils or liqueurs. The idea is to choose the combination that you like the most. We recommend you an extra jam of passion fruit with ginger, which can be used with biscuits or yogurts, the dark chocolate spread with blackberry, hazelnut and nutmeg for having a unique flavor of spices, the multifloral honey, which we have already talked about, a flavored rooibos tea with chunks of chocolate, almond and peppermint, fantastic for this festive season, an olive paste "Galega" with fig, a great match for the Easter appetizers, such as a toast with cheese, and an extra virgin olive oil with chilli.

Over the next few days, we will present several original and easy-to-make recipes for the whole family during this Easter season. Pay attention to our social networks and if you want to receive them first hand, you can subscribe to our newsletter here.

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