The best São Tomé Dark Chocolate Spreads with Fruit in a Tube

Cremes de chocolate negro São Tomé - os melhores cremes de chocolate em bisnaga meia.duzia

Inspired by the specific characteristics of São Tomé dark chocolate, we created our chocolate spreads with fruits.

Made with a minimum of 70% São Tomé cocoa, one of the best in the world, so that we can perfume your senses with real chocolate, creating surprising mixtures with fruits of Portuguese origin such as Pineapple from Azores, Orange from Algarve, Cherry from Fundão and other ingredients of Portuguese origin (Port wine, Macieira brandy and spices).

São Tomé Dark Chocolate Spread with Orange

São Tomé dark chocolate is bitter, with an aroma of coffee and blackberries, making it a chocolate with a unique and intense flavour, produced thoughtfully for those who prefer pure and traditional chocolate.

These chocolate spreads are handmade with fresh fruits and natural aromas of herbs and spices, without the use of preservatives or colourings. Internationally awarded with Best Flavour category in GREAT TASTE Awards (UK), 2015 and 2017.


São Tomé Dark Chocolate Spread with Blueberry and Port Wine

Discover our dark chocolate spreads:

Pack 3: Chocolate Spreads with fruits - Great Taste

Product suggestions:

  • Ideal for spreading: oatmeal and coconut biscuits, cashew cookies, chocolate biscuits, cereal bread, whole wheat toast, vegan biscuits, and creating cake recipes with chocolate creams.
  • As fillings: macaroons of various flavours, chocolate macaroons, chocolate cakes, desserts with mascarpone cheese, quark cheese, tiramisù recipes.
  • As toppings and fillings for healthy pancakes, american pancakes, oat pancakes, banana pancakes, chocolate cakes, red fruit cakes, bubble waffles.
  • Fondue with game meats, duck, cow, foie gras, dried buffalo meat or wild boar.

Product Details:

  • São Tomé Dark chocolate origin: Democratic Republic of São Tomé and Príncipe was discovered in 1470 by Portuguese navigators, João de Santarém and Pedro Escobar. It was a Portuguese colony until their independence on July 12, 1975. Cocoa is another point that unites these two nations since it was Portugal that introduced these plantations in the islands. São Tomé ended up being known as the “Cocoa Island”. For this reason, the culture of these two islands remains interconnected by its past and by the same language.
  • Flavour Characteristics: São Tomé dark chocolate is bitter, with an aroma of coffee and blackberries, a chocolate with a unique and intense flavour and produced having in mind customers who prefer pure and traditional chocolate. Despite having a similar appearance to other dark chocolates, its taste in no way resembles other chocolates, allowing us to travel through new sensations. It’s 100% cocoa and, unlike other dark chocolates on the market, it has a very strong density and flavour. When we taste it for the first time, we are taken to a totally unexpected twist of our senses. Neither sweet nor bitter, its texture fills the mouth with a paste filled with unique notes of flavour.
  • Fruit Origin: Pineapple from the Azores - São Miguel Island Azores Portugal, Cherry from Fundão - Fundão Portugal, Orange from the Algarve – Algarve Portugal, Passion Fruit from Madeira - Madeira Island Portugal, Blueberries and Organic Blackberries - V. N. Famalicão - Portugal.
  • Production Method: The chocolate spreads are handmade, following the production methods of our traditional sweets, with the addition of dark chocolate from São Tomé with 70% cocoa. Fresh fruits from various regions of Portugal are mixed. No additives or colourings are added - 100% Natural.
  • Packaging and Recycling: Our packaging is made of more than 99.7% aluminium which is 100% recycled, without losing its quality or having to extract more from Nature. Use recycling bin for metals.

Do you already want to try these delicious flavors? This pack of 6 Dark Chocolate Spreads Experiences is a good suggestion to try all the flavors.

The best chocolate spreads in the world

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Travel Kit 6 São Tomé Dark Chocolate – Portuguese Tiles

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