meia.duzia® at Harrods

meia.duzia® no Harrods

A meia.dúzia® is already part of the prestigious brands sold in the famous Harrods department store in the UK! Harrods is the jewel in England's retail crown. From a humble ground-floor grocery store founded by Charles Harrod in 1849, Harrods has evolved into a sparkling seven-storey wonderland. By opening its doors to meia.dúzia® Harrods once again proved to fulfill his maxim that “Anything is Possible".

For our brand this is an important milestone in the international recognition from one of the most renowned, luxurious and exclusive department stores of the world!

meia.dúzia® is present at Harrods with its range of teas experiences. Tea is the second most consumed beverage in the world, only after water and its popularity is not only from its variety of flavours, but also from their numerous health benefits. It was a very pleasant surprise to meia.dúzia® that Harrods elected to its portfolio our amazing Tea experiences in such a demanding consumers market as the UK.

meia.dúzia® wonderfully aromatic teas result of the combination of different fruits, flowers and spices with four of the most popular tea varieties: Green, Black, Rooibos and Oolong. These mixtures result in delicious infusions that can be consumed either hot or chilled, depending on each one’s taste or season.

A special 6 Pack Harrods Tea Edition is also available in the store Pack Nº1 Aromatic Tea Experiences, Inside you can find some of meia.dúzia®'s best selling flavours, Mixture of forest fruits and blue cornflower petals, Green Tea with citrins, Green Tea with mint and roses and Black Tea with red fruits, orchids and spices, Rooibos with chocolate pieces and even almond and peppermint tea. Uma das propostas de Presentes de NATAL do Harrods.

The perfect gift for tea Lovers!

Find your ideal meia.dúzia® experience on your next visit to number 87, Brompton Road in London or if you are in Portugal, visit us at Mar Shopping in Leça da Palmeira, at Braga Parque shopping center in Braga or at the Atrium Saldanha in Lisbon (open date 1st December).

meia.dúzia® Flavour Experiences in the UK… beside Harrods, you can find meia.dúzia® flavor experiences at the following points of sale:

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