Brie Cheese Toast with Red Pepper Chutney and Watercress

Tosta de Queijo Brie com Chutney de Pimento Vermelho e Agriões

An elegant proposal, with soft French cheese and mild flavor with the powerful Chutney of Red Pepper, resulting in a refined and tasty contrast. Learn how to prepare:


  • Category: Tapas
  • Cuisine: Portuguese
  • Pax: 2
  • Difficulty: Easy
  • Preparation time: 10 min


Preparation Mode:

  1. Toast the sliced ​​bread;
  2. Spread the Red Pepper Chutney on toast to taste;
  3. Cut the Brie Cheese and place the slices on top of the chutney of her choice; < /span>
  4. Finally, cover the mixture with Watercress;

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