Bravo of Esmolfe Apple Cheesecake in Cups

Cheesecake de Maçã Bravo de Esmolfe em Copinhos

Try a Bravo of Esmolfe apple cheesecake, made only with Portuguese ingredients, in a recipe created by Chef Cristina Manso Preto.


  • Category: Dessert
  • Cuisine: Portuguese
  • Pax: 2
  • Difficulty: Easy
  • Preparation Time: 15 min


Method of preparation:

  1. Add the natural yoghurts with the fine salt, mix well and leave in a fine mesh strainer for a few hours at room temperature;
  2. After a few hours of rest (it can be left overnight), put the cream obtained in the fridge and start the rest of the steps;
  3. Place the Bravo of Esmolfe apple (peeled, pitted and cut into cubes) in the frying pan, add the honey (approximately one tablespoon), a few drops of port wine, and a few drops of white wine, to caramelize;
  4. Mix the ingredients and cook over medium heat, stirring occasionally;
  5. If the liquid evaporates and the apple is not yet cooked (you can test it with a fork), add another drizzle of honey and a few drops of port wine and white wine and keep it until the apple is cooked;
  6. When the caramelized apple is cooked and cold, you can start preparing the cups, placing a generous layer of granola at the bottom;
  7. When the apple is cooked, let it cool, and after it cools, place a layer of apple in the cups, on top of the granola;
  8. Then place a layer of cream cheese obtained from natural yogurt;
  9. Finish with a layer of ‘Bravo of Esmolfe’ Apple Extra Jam with Cinnamon meia.dúzia® and decorate with the slivered almonds and sprinkle with cinnamon powder;
  10. Place in the fridge until serving.

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